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CBD Pet Treats CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats Pain, Anxiety

Studies show CBD pet treats help Dogs and Cats that have allergies, arthritis, anxiety, loss of appetite, seizures, joint pain.

My Corgi is getting up there in age – she’ll be 11 years old soon. She’s been showing signs of aging as far as how she walks, her appetite isn’t as robust as it used to be, and with each year that passes – she’s more and more distressed when the 4th of July rolls around with all the super loud fireworks in our area. Her Vet has said she has a tinge of arthritis. I’ve been giving her Cosequin for the past couple of years, but not sure how effective it is for her – all dogs are different. Some do real well with Cosequin for Dogs and Cosequin for Cats

I have a friend who has had a dog for about fifteen years, his name is Jack. He’s really bothered with arthritis, and other ailments of aging. I know a few years ago he had to have all of his teeth pulled (he was a rescue) and when my friend started him on FreshPet, it really helped with him being able to chew (gum) his food. With him being able to consume the appropriate amount of food with a good nutrient value, he’s not underweight anymore and maintains the normal weight for a dog his size.

The reason I bring up this friend of mine is because for the past few months she’s been ordering CBD Dog treats for Jack. I didn’t realize until recently that he has extreme arthritis and was getting to the point where he wouldn’t even walk. Jack has always been such a happy dog, and so easy going and very polite. Just recently, when I visited my friend, she was telling me how much more active Jack is, and when he came into the room – I saw exactly what she meant … he looked great … back to his happy self, walking fine and wagging his tail.

It dawned on me that maybe – CBD treats would help my dog with her joints, and her anxiety during the 4th of July fireworks this year. I’ve tried so many other things but nothing really eases her stress and anxiety during the loud booms and the endless hours of the fireworks (even though fireworks are illegal here, they still go off). We’ve even tried going out of town for those few days but there’s always fireworks no matter where we go.

I’m going to order my Corgi CBD Dog Treats, and also some of the CBD Oil Tincture. I’ll start her on them and see how she responds as far as her joint pain, then increase the dosage just a bit for the 4th of July. I’ve read some wonderful reviews and have researched extensively the reports on CBD for pets. It’s not addictive, nor does it have any psychoactive effects. I’ve seen the good things CBD has done for my friend’s dog Jack, so I feel comfortable in giving it to my dog to see how she does with it. I’ll update this page with how CBD has helped (or not) with my Corgi.

** update **

Because CBD oil does not contain thc, and works only as a relief to muscle and joint pain, while offering a calming effect – I found the best source of CBD oil for me, has become Treatibles.com (http://treatibles.com). My Corgi did really well over the 4th of July fireworks with the small Hard Turkey Chews, that have the appearance of small treat bones (https://treatibles.com/chews/). The chews come in flavors of Turkey, Blueberry and Pumpkin and in hard or soft chews.

If you have a pet with anxiety, I feel Treatibles.com may be a good option for you to try. (This is just my opinion, no compensation received for this mention.)



Wanted to share with you the CBD for Dogs and CBD for Cats products I feel are the truest organic and safe, with the best price being at amazon. I did review approximately 40 different CBD products for pets across the Internet, and not all of them have the same dosage, and many are not organic – which is important to me.


Information You May Want to Know about CBD for Pets

What Exactly Is CBD?

Chemical substances found in the cannabis plant are CBD and THC.
THC is the substance that that produces a psychoactive effect – the ‘buzz’.

CBD is the substance used in medical marijuana, and offers health benefits.
CBD doesn’t get a person ‘high’, rather CBD is a healing remedy.
CBD induces calming and pain relieving benefits without intoxicating effects.
CBD interacts naturally with the immune and nervous systems of dogs, cats and humans.


What are the Most Popular Uses for CBD with Dogs and Cats?

  • CBD Dog Treats, CBD Oil
  • CBD for dogs with allergies
  • CBD for dogs that experience anxiety
  • CBD for dogs with arthritis
  • CBD for dogs with loss of appetite
  • CBD for dogs with aggressive behavior
  • CBD for dogs with seizures
  • CBD for dogs with joint pain
  • CBD for dogs with cancer pain
  • CBD Cat Treats
  • CBD for cats with anxiety
  • CBD for cats with arthritis
  • CBD for cats with joint pain
  • CBD for cats with cancer
  • CBD for cats with loss of appetite


Use CBD in These Situations:

for pets with high anxiety during 4th of July fireworks
when pets stress out during car rides
when introducing a new pet to existing household pets
for pets experiencing joint pain
for pets who have lost their ‘pep’
for pets who are aggressive
for pets who have a serious illness


CBD Dog Treats, CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats I’m Going to Try Out:


For Dogs:

Hemp & Hips with CBD Hemp OilHemp & Hips with CBD Hemp Oil

Offered by Veterinary NaturalsHemp & Hips CBD for Dogs

Veterinary Naturals ‘Hemp & Hips’ Soft Chew – Best Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs with Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin. Benefit dogs including treatment of pain, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, loss of appetite and cognitive dysfunction. FDA-approved cGMP and ISO9 certified facility.

Comprehensive solution for your dog’s pain, full range of motion, mobility and hip & joint issues.
view more detail and reviews for Hemp & Hips
5 star reviews on amazon


Organic CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety
offered by Honest PawsHonest Paws CBD Treats for Dogs

Safe, effective, all-natural, full-spectrum hemp oil sourced from certified, premium Colorado hemp.

Dog Calming Treats relieves stress and anxiety caused by travel, flying, storms, fireworks, and other tense situations. Sleep Aid for Dogs to give your dog a better night’s sleep.

Made in USA
100% Natural. Organic, Non-GMO, Soy-Free, and Lab Tested.
view more detail and reviews for Honest Paws Organic CBD Dog Treats
5 star reviews on amazon

Organic CBD Hemp Dog Treats for Joint and Pain Relief
offered by Honest Paws

Relief Formula, Premium Hemp Dog Treats
Hip, Joint, and Pain Relief Supplement for Dogs
Made with 100% All Natural Pure Hemp Oil with Organic Turmeric
Peanut Butter Flavor

Recommended by vets, turmeric is known to help with your dog’s hip, joint, muscle pain and inflammation. Perfect for dog’s suffering with mobility issues and/or recovering from surgery.
Restores stiff sore muscles while improving joint movement. Manage your dog’s pain, anxiety and arthritis.

Made in USA
100% Natural. Organic, Non-GMO, Soy-Free, and Lab Tested.
view more detail and reviews for Organic CBD Hemp Dog Treats for Joint and Pain Relief
5 star reviews on amazon


For Dogs and Cats:

Premium Hemp Oil by Pure Aloha
offered by Pure AlohaCBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Premium Hemp Oil Unflavored Calming Pet Supplement with Coconut Oil for Dogs and Cats.

Non-habit-forming and legal in all 50 states.

Powerful antioxidants in these essential fatty acids aid in reducing joint inflammation, promote healthy cellular growth, and strengthen the immune system, giving your dog or cat the upper hand on illness and injury.

Grown and Processed in USA
Lab Tested for Purity and Potency
GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice
Cruelty-free and Vegan
view more details and reviews for Premium Hemp Oil by Pure Aloha
5 star reviews on amazon


Hemp Pet Drops

offered by Dr. Field’s BotanicalsCBD Oil Drops for Dogs and Cats

For Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Old Hips & Joints, Excessive Barking/Meowing, Storms, and more.
Veterinarian Approved
Use to Calm and for Pain Relief

100 Organic
USA farmed.
non GMO
Gluten Free

All-natural calming remedy for dogs & cats with separation anxiety or stress issues, and they’re great for pain alleviation of old hips and joints, excessive barking/meowing, mood improvement, reducing seizures, & much more.
view more detail and reviews for Hemp Pet Drops
5 star reviews on amazon

View all Dr. Field’s Botanicals items for pets on amazon


There are many choices, so you may want to review more products to see which one will be the best for for your pet:

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