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COVID-19 What About Our Pets?

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Can Our Pets Get COVID-19 Corona Virus?


These are strange times with the Corona Virus circulating worldwide. News originally reported this virus strain was most likely transmitted from animals located in an open market in China, however no specific animal source has been confirmed as yet. This translates to: this disease is “zoonotic”, meaning it has the capability to be transmitted from animals to humans.

Concern over this virus spreading from animals to humans – many people wonder if this virus can be spread from humans to their pets, or can our pets spread this virus to us.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) they’re saying there isn’t any evidence that pets will become sick or infectious from COVID-19. If a pet is infected with the virus, it doesn’t mean the pet will display symptoms of illness or that they’ll be capable of spreading the disease to humans.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the disease is spread to humans through person-to-person contact. To date, there’s been no reports of pets or livestock becoming ill or spreading the Corona Virus in the United States. The World Health Organization(WHO) has stated there’s no evidence that dogs or cats have become ill with this particular COVID-19 virus.

According to Health Canada, they believe our pets don’t pose any threats to humans. There’s no evidence to suggest that any animal native to Canada (wild, livestock or pets) harbors the virus that causes COVID-19. They do say that until they know more about this specific virus strain, if a pet owner should contract the Corona Virus – they should treat their pet the same as they’d treat other family members to prevent spreading the infection.

Remember: the spread of COVID-19 has been a result of human to human transmission.

Resource and Information Links:


CDC Information

WHO COVID-19 Myth Busters


COVID-19 is one of many potential zoonotic illnesses pets can catch and/or spread, so it’s advised to follow these precautions in reference to your pets:

  • Maintain hygiene best practices when interacting with your pets.
  • Don’t share food or kiss your pets.
  • Wash hands after feeding and after contact.
  • Wash hands after picking up feces and cleaning up after them.
  • Pets of infected individuals should be isolated/quarantined during the owner’s period of quarantine.
  • Face masks are not recommended on pets because they’re unnecessary and will cause them stress.


Pet Emergency Preparedness:

In the event of an emergency, put together a Pet Kit that contains supplies you may need to have on hand. Your kit should include (but not be limited to):

  • A month supply of medications your Pet may need.
  • Two weeks minimum of Pet food.
  • Bottled water for them to drink.
  • Clean Pet dishes for their food and water.
  • A blanket or large towel.
  • A toy or item they find comfort in.


Create a List for Each Pet

In the event where someone may need to care for your Pet (short term or long term) prepare a list that includes pertinent information applicable to your Pet such as:

  • Vet Name, address and phone number.
  • Medical conditions.
  • Medications needed with info from the label.
  • List of shots/vaccination for the last 12 months.
  • Food preferences, food brand names.
  • Habits your Pet has, oddities, where they like to sleep, etc.

Assign an Emergency caregiver for your Pet in the event you’re unable to care for them yourself. Include their contact information and location.


Pet Immunity Safety

It’s always a good idea to boost your pet’s Immunity with supplements, but in times such as these where a serious virus threat is looming – if you don’t currently give your pet immune supplements, you may want to start now.

Immunity Supplements will not harm your pet.  Immunity supplements are formulas designed to support the immune system of pets against many of the microorganisms that can cause infections.


Supplements that Support the Immune System of Pets:

Immunity Supplements for Dogs

Immunity Supplements for Cats


Take Care of Yourself Too!

Immunity Supplements for Women

Immunity Supplements for Men


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