Flea Guide: natural home flea remedies and retail flea treatments

Natural Flea Control

Natural Flea Control and Organic Flea Treatments for dogs and cats, plus how to keep fleas away.


I tend to use Flea killing solutions that are natural and organic, rather than retail Flea killers containing chemicals, which are potentially harmful to me and my dog. Some Flea treatments that dogs tolerate, are not tolerated well by cats.


Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (click to view)

Bragg is a good organic brand of natural vinegar to use as a natural Flea spray or Flea bath. Mix one part vinegar to 3 parts water.

Vinegar bath on dogs helps Flea controlIt’s said that Fleas hate the smell and taste of vinegar and avoid it. Use in a spray bottle and spray your pet’s coat. Be sure to spray lightly several times, and get the solution as far down in the coat as possible. Let air dry. Repeat every couple of days.

When bathing your dog at home, you can use this organic apple-vinegar as a rinse, after the final water rinse. Natural Vinegar will soothe and heal existing flea bites, without irritating the skin further.


Cedar Chips – Fleas Don’t Like Them

If you have any cedar chips, place a handful under or in the lining of your pet’s bed. Fleas don’t like the smell and will steer clear. Cedar chips are good to use in your yard, around the foundation of a house, along a fence line, etc. If animals carrying Fleas cross your yard, active Fleas will high-tail it out of the area.


Diatomaceous Earth (click to view)

An organic, all natural way to kill Fleas is with Diatomaceous Earth. It’s an inexpensive powder and when applied to your yard or carpets, will kill fleas and most insects. You should buy only the ‘food-grade’, meaning it’s safe for humans, and animals to ingest. Diatomaceous Earth works by puncturing the exoskeleton of the insects, causing them to dry out.

It works great, and Diatomaceous Earth works fast.  You can Dust this powder over your pet’s fur (very lightly) just like other flea treatments. Be sure to gently rub into the coat. Also dust your pet’s sleeping and playing areas.

Not only is Diatomaceous Earth organic and non-toxic, it’s also good for your pet because it contains 15 trace minerals that are proven to boost your pet’s immune system. More
More details on Diatomaceous Earth and how to use it in your house for Flea control and in your yard to kill Fleas.


Be Wary of ‘Natural’ Flea Products that Actually Contain Toxic Elements
Just because a Flea treatment or repellent is labeled as ‘natural’ – this doesn’t mean it’s safe for all pets. If a product says it’s ‘Not Safe for Children’ – then it is going to be toxic to your cat or dog too.

Essential Oils should not be given to or applied to cats. While some people I talk to swear by using essential oils on their cats to ward off Fleas – research shows the danger lies in weekly usage – the effects are cumulative and not immediate. Illness can appear down the road, not right away.