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At-Home Tick Prevention Treatment


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At-Home Tick Prevention Treatment for Pets to Safeguard Against Tick Bites


Prevention can go a long way to protect your Dog and/or cat from Tick Bites. While we can’t control our pet’s outdoor environment, there are a couple of ways we can help to prevent Tick bites in our own backyard.

Diatomaceous Earth (food grade only)

–  Is a natural, organic substance that consists of fossilized remains of diatoms (diatomite) which is a type of hard-shelled algae.
–  Does not harm mammals i.e. Dogs, Cats, Humans. We can eat Diatomaceous Earth.
–  Is used in tooth paste, cosmetics and a number of other products we buy every day.


ONLY USE FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth!
Never use Pool Filter Grade or any Diatomaceous Earth other than those labeled FOOD GRADE for your pets or yourself. It can poison or kill them.


If you live in a dry climate, you can dust your yard with Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) and it will kill Fleas, Ticks, caterpillars, termites, scorpions, earwigs, aphids, fruit flies, cut worms, army worms, ants, fire ants, snails, cockroaches, bed bugs, centipedes, silverfish, and beetles.

DIY Organic Flea Powder
You can mix up my 3 Ingredient Organic Flea Powder recipe, which contains a base of Diatomaceous Earth – so it also works to kill Ticks. If sealed in an airtight container, this mixture lasts for months and is safe for Dogs and Cats. My recipe contains Neem and Yarrow powder that moisturizes the skin. Diatomaceous Earth can be drying to a pet’s skin.

You can dust your pet with this Diatomaceous Earth organic powder mixture once a day if needed, to protect them when they go outside.  Be sure to lightly dust the powder with a soft brush, and work it into their skin. If they should pick up a Tick – if it comes in contact with the powder – it will die. Yeah!

Read more information on the safety and background of Diatomaceous Earth.



Year Round Tick Prevention

In your monthly routine of giving your pet a dose of Flea killer, the formula should also contain protection against Ticks. There are many Flea and Tick treatments available in the retail market such as K9 and Advantage.

You may want to compare Flea and Tick treatments as available on amazon, to see which one you may want to use for your pet.

Flea and Tick treatment for Dogs

Flea and Tick treatment for Cats

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