Flea Guide: natural home flea remedies and retail flea treatments

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Printable Flea Survival Kit

Printable “How to Get Rid of Fleas” Survival Kit

Flea Survival KitI always say: “Expect the Best but Prepare for the Worst” … The same goes if you have a dog or cat in your house. Your pets may never have brought fleas into your house but there’s always a ‘first time’ and I can tell you from experience – rather than running around like a chicken with your head cut off – it’s better to have your Flea Survival Kit ready.

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You’ll save a ton of time because you’ll already have a plan and the essential supplies in your cupboard to get started in the flea removal process.

But remember – what works for one dog or cat may not work for another … as a pet owner you have to be sure you use the correct dosage of any product you buy or use – and administer it properly.


Items to Include in Your Flea Survival Kit:

Survival Kit number 1, treat your pet for Fleas
Treat Your Pet for Fleas

Give your dog or cat a Capstar tablet, this will start killing Fleas on your pet within 30 minutes. Before or after the bath, you can dip a Flea comb into a mixture of water and Dawn liquid soap, and draw the comb through your pet’s fur (close to the skin) to remove any Fleas, and Flea Dirt (Flea poop). Then give your pet a Flea bath with either a Flea shampoo or use Dawn (blue) liquid dish soap – to suffocate any remaining Fleas. Be sure to concentrate around the Head and Neck, under the Tail area and the Back area.

The following day – apply a topical Flea treatment such as Frontline Plus or Advantage II .


Survival Kit number 2, treat your house for Fleas
Treat Your House for Fleas

Wash everything in your house including bedding, blankets and rugs your dog or cat frequents  – in hot water. Place everything in the dryer on a high-heat dry setting. Vacuum your house from top to bottom several times. Don’t forget to vacuum and treat any places your dog or cat spends time, such as your car, the pet carrier, garage and/or basement. Take your vacuum outside to remove the vacuum bag and place it in another bag – then dispose in the outside garbage. If your vacuum is bagless, take the vacuum outside, empty the vacuum canister into a bag, tie the top and place in your outside garbage can. Don’t empty your vacuum in the house, because active Fleas will escape back into your home.

Spray corners of your house and carpet with a Natural Flea Spray, and/or lightly distribute food grade Diatomaceous Earth in corners and moist areas, such as the basement.

Treat your pet with a monthly Flea treatment such as Frontline or Advantage to keep Fleas away. Continue to vacuum your house thoroughly several times a week to pick up Fleas you missed getting with the first vacuuming and haven’t hatched yet. Also wash your pet’s bedding and toys often.

As a final step inside your house, take a shallow glass pie plate filled with water, and put a small candle in the middle. Leave the candle lit (in the soapy water) for a few of hours at a time. If there are active fleas in the house, you have a 98% chance of finding them with this homemade flea catcher.

Fleas are attracted to heat, and they’ll jump toward the warmth of the candle, and get caught in the soapy water.

It’s best to place several of these around the house, more work better than just one.
Be sure to keep small children away from the lit candle.


Survival Kit number 3, treat your yard for Fleas
Treat Your Yard for Fleas

Clear debris from your yard and spray with a soap spray or professional Flea Yard Spray and repeat every month.

Dusting your yard with food grade Diatomaceous Earth doesn’t harm humans or animals in the yard, but it does kill the Fleas. Diatomaceous Earth also kills a variety of other insects. This powder is porous and when Fleas come into contact with it, they die of dehydration. Diatomaceous Earth should be applied in dry weather conditions, as it will wash away after watering or rain.
Items to Include in Your Flea Survival Kit:

  • Capstar tablets
  • Flea Shampoo or Dawn (blue) liquid dish soap
  • Metal Flea Comb
  • Frontline Plus or Advantage
  • Flea Home Spray
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Flea Yard Spray
  • Shallow Glass container, such as a pie plate
  • Votive or Pillar Candle, max height 3″


Printable Free Flea Survival Kit

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Please note: Just as with humans, each pet is unique and can be “sensitive” to products often considered “natural” or “safe”. Always check with your own Vet first, before choosing any product for use on your pet. If you aren’t able to consult with a Veterinarian – watch and observe your pet carefully whenever using a new product is used for the first time, to see how your pet is reacting. If anything appears “not-normal”, discontinue use immediately. Disclaimer.