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Electric Plug-In Heating Pet Pads / Pet Mats Can Harm Your Pet

Electric Plug-In Heating Pet Pads / Pet Mats
Can Harm Your Pet


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Using a plug-in electric heating pad or mat for your pet comes with risks, and I’m sharing a situation I recently became aware of involving a Dog and how her electric heating pad harmed her.

I have a neighbor that rides her bicycle each day for exercise. Some people jog, but this gal rides her bike. I only know her well enough to wave, and say Hi when she passes. She always has her adorable small Terrier riding with her in a carrier.

The other day, I ran into this neighbor in a local grocery store, and she shared with me that her Terrier was at the Vet hospital on Life Support. She proceeded to explain to me how her Terrier chewed through her electric heating pet pad, and was electrocuted.

I was shocked and so saddened. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t ask her any questions because I could see she was beside herself, because the dog’s prognosis was not good. She did say the electric heating dog pad was used in the house, in a spot her dog likes to lay.

Valuable Lesson

Wanted to share this situation, because even though most of the available Electric Heating Mats / Pads for Dogs and Cats receive high customer reviews, it’s good to use caution when purchasing for your Dog or Cat.

Many of the electric heating pet pads are used outdoors in dog/ cat houses to keep them warm during cold months, but many people use them inside their house – thinking it’s a great product to keep their pet cozy and warm.

All I can say – is please Use Caution!

Here is an illustration of an Electric Heated Pet Pet Mat / Pad:

Electric warming pet pad










I’ve always used Self Warming Thermal Pet Pads and Recommend one Similar to this:


thermal self warming pet mat / pad










View safe self-warming pet pads like the Furhaven for dogs or cats – or the K&H for cats on amazon.
These can be used indoors or outdoors. Or you can do a search on amazon for ‘self heating pet mat’ to
see other one available and see which colors and sizes work best for your pet.

Better Safe Than Sorry!