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Pet Insurance Story

Pet Insurance May Help Your Dog or Cat Live Longer


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If you have Pet Insurance you never have to make the choice to put a pet down – because you don’t have the money to pay for the medical care they need.

If your Dog or Cat was suddenly hit by a car, or was diagnosed with cancer, or needed treatment that was going to cost you $1000’s of dollars …
would you be able to afford it?


Pet Insurance Story at FleaSeason.comI would do anything for my 5 year old Corgi and I knew I needed to get pet insurance to cover expenses I might not have money in the bank for.

But I put it off. I didn’t get pet insurance for her while she was a Puppy.

Once, she swallowed a piece of Trident gum. It happened so quickly.

I’d left my purse on the floor, and she went nosing around into the purse, and I just happened to turn around and saw she was licking her lips, and there were other pieces of gum on the floor.

I totally panicked. I’d just recently read something about an ingredient Toxic to dogs. Xylitol is like poison to dogs, and can kill them. Many brands of sugar-free gum contains Xylitol. So do some candies and toothpaste and some mouthwash brands. Xylitol is basically a 5-carbon sugar alcohol used in products as a sweetener.

When dogs ingest Xylitol, vomiting might start, and it causes loss of coordination, seizures, and in severe cases, liver failure. I rushed Missy to a 24-hour clinic and they had to induce vomiting, and they did a few other things to keep the Xylitol out of her blood-stream. When she was ready to go home, I had to fork over $1200. If I’d taken out Pet Insurance when she was a puppy – I would’ve been reimbursed for the majority cost of her medical care.


Pets get sick. Accidents happen.

Did you know that 1 in 3 pets experience an unexpected accident or illness each year? Of course you want to give them the best medical care available. But paying for the best care isn’t always that simple.


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Pet Insurance. Today’s Smart Choice.

Over the past year the number of news articles written about the cost of veterinary care and the growing trend of pet health insurance has sky rocketed, creating a lot of talk and whole lot more information to research. But, don’t worry! Finding the pet insurance plan that’s right for you and your pet can be easy with just a couple of key points to consider.

Why pet insurance? Pet parents are not always prepared for the cost of their pet’s care, considering the advanced treatments now available. From treating minor injuries to providing advanced diagnostics and surgeries, pet insurance has improved to provide comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost.


Consider the following when evaluating pet insurance plans:

  • Does the policy provide comprehensive coverage for all accidents, injuries, and illnesses without hereditary and congenital condition exclusions?
  • Are claims reimbursed based on your actual veterinary bill rather than benefit schedules or “usual and customary fees”?
  • Does the plan limit benefits by placing per incident, per condition, annual, or lifetime caps on claims?
  • Is the company highly rated at Pet Insurance Review? What do their customers say about their service and delivering on their promise?


When investing in Pet Insurance, make the best choice when evaluating your situation and your pet’s long term health needs.