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Have No Regrets When it’s Time to Get Your Pet Medical Treatment

Pet Insurance Will Give You Peace of Mind


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It’s a horrible burden to bear when you can’t pay to keep your Dog or Cat alive because you don’t have the money to pay for urgent medical treatment.

I was in the same situation many years ago … it’s not a feeling that ever goes away.

It’s not a feeling I would wish upon anyone.


If I can reach just one person and encourage them to get Pet Insurance that helps pay the bulk of their medical pet bills
– then this page will be worth it!



Pet Insurances differ, so it’s best to go ahead and get a Quote and compare:

  • the monthly cost
  • benefits to meet your pet’s anticipated needs
  • annual coverage dollar amount limit
  • co-pays, deductibles
  • if they cover routine care, or just accidents, or just illness
  • if they accept pets only up to a certain age, or if they accept all ages



Here are a few Pet Insurance sites you can research. Review available plans for Pet Insurance and Pet Wellness, as these are different plans with different coverage. Besides covering Dogs and Cats, some of these insurance plans now cover Birds, Bunnies, Snakes and more:

ASPCS Pet Health Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance


Hartville Pet Insurance





Prudent Pet





Have a Back Up Plan

I would also recommend starting a Pet Emergency Fund. Pet Insurances never pay 100%, and normally you have to pay the Vet or Animal Hospital upfront – and get reimbursed from the Pet Insurance. Starting the day you bring home your new kitten or puppy – put money aside each month – whether it’s $10 or $100. Then when urgent care is needed, you’ll have the money to pay the medical bills. Once you submit your bill to the Pet Insurance, and they reimburse you – put the bulk of that money back into the emergency fund and continue to save.


Another Option

To supplement Pet Insurance, you may want to use CareCredit. This is an extension of credit (basically a credit card) that most pet medical facilities accept.

When you’re at the Vet office or Animal Hospital, ask the receptionist if they accept CareCredit. If they do, you can call CareCredit and apply over the phone, and they’ll approve a limit for you on the spot. You’ll need to tell them the dollar amount you need. My experience has been- if you say you need a limit of $7000, then they’ll probably extend your limit to $5000. It will all depend on your credit score, and total cost of treatment.

CareCredit offers promotional plans without interest. Ask the Vet/Animal Hospital which CareCredit Promotions they offer. These promotions are ongoing, and allow you to extend equal monthly payments for as long as possible.


FleaSeason.com wishes you a long and happy life with your Pet !!!