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Self Heating Pet Pads

Self Heating Pet Pads for Indoor or Outdoor Dogs and Cats


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Self Heating pads can be used in kennels, crates, on the couch, on the floor – just about anywhere. They’re made to retain a pet’s natural body heat and make a cozy place to sleep for all.


These pads are a favorite with Dogs and Cats as the hundreds of customer review show … order one today especially if you have an outdoor pet that may be at risk due to freezing temperatures in your area.

Many people place self heating pet pads in portable outdoor shelters where feral cats frequent, as they allow the cats a warm place to sleep without freezing to death.


Self heating pet pad for cats and dogs, indoor and outdoor use. Self-Heating Bed Pad for Cats , Dogs, Puppies and other Small House Pets

  • Safe, electricity-free pad/blanket specifically for pets.
  • Reflects their body heat and creates a warm sleep surface.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Great for travel, machine washable.

Over 24,000 positive customer reviews.
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Thermal Self Heating Pad for Cats and Dogs


Self heating thermal pet pad to keep dogs and cats warm and cozy.




So many to choose from, and my dog loves hers – especially during the Winter months. On cool evenings (all-year round) I’ll take it outside and place her thermal pet pad on the patio in the evenings when I sit out there – she snuggles up and stays warm and cozy.



Self-heating dog pads can be placed inside a dog crate.



Thermal self warming mats are also good for placing in dog crates.

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