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Ticks on Pets, Which Hiding Places to Check

Ticks on Pets, Check These Hiding Places Daily on Dog or Cat


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There can be Ticks on your Dog (or Cat) right now.


Areas where Ticks are most apt to hide on your pet:

  • Under the Tail
  • Inside of Ears
  • In and Around the Genital Region
  • Under the Collar
  • Around the Eyelids
  • Between Toes
  • Under the Armpits
  • Around Face and Chin


How to Check for Ticks Hiding on Your Dog or Cat:

Use a double tooth comb and gently and slowly go through all of your pet’s coat.

Part the hair and visually inspect the skin. Scan each area thoroughly.

Run your hand slowly throughout all areas and feel for bumps or lumps.

A Tick will feel similar to a small bump on the pet’s skin.



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