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K&H Elevated Pet Cot Bed Review with Photos

K&H Elevated Pet Cot Bed review with photos taken during assembly.

Elevated pet beds keep pets cool during the Summer and warm and dry during cool weather.

K&H elevated pet cot bed Dogs and Cats love them.


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I want to share with you an elevated pet cot bed I just ordered  for my Corgi – Missy.
I plan to use it outside during all the seasons.

About 10 years ago, I bought the Coolaroo Pet Cot bed  from amazon.com, and it sat outside all year. Every so often, I would just use the hose and spray it off to clean, the bed dries in about 5 minutes when the sun is out.

The Coolaroo bed area is made of a very strong woven mesh and it keeps pets cool  during warm weather. These pet cot beds are elevated off the ground – so they allow  air flow underneath, which keeps pets cool and comfortable. During days when it’s cold,  these cot beds keep them off the ground.


Well – it’s been over 10 years, time for a new one, so thought I’d change things  up. I ordered a K&H Elevated Pet Cot Bed with a Canopy K&H Pet Products Pet Cot Canopy.  Am thinking the Canopy will provide some nice shade for her on hot days. From the photos, I also noticed the leg ends have nice rubber stops, so felt these might add to the stability of the cot bed.


The pet cot bed and canopy were delivered, and I snapped some photos to give you an idea of how easy the K&H Pet Cot came together:


Assembled K&H elevated pet cot bed

When you open the box, the metal frame rods are already in the cover.

All I had to do was put the pvc corners onto the frame rods. Done!

This is the Medium size pet cot, measures 25″ x 33″, and holds over 200 pounds, so they’re all real sturdy.

Sizes available are:
Small measures: 17″ wide x 22″ long x 7″ high
Medium measures: 25″ wide x 32″ long x 7″ high
Large measures: 30″ wide x 42″ long x 7″ high
x-Large measures 32″ wide x 50″ long x 9″ high
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Assembling the K&H pet cot bed with canopy.

I took the canopy out of the box.

Along with the elevated pet cot bed, I also ordered the Canopy to go along with this model. When the sun is out, the Canopy will provide shade to the pet cot.

My dog can enjoy being outside without the sun over-heating her. My Corgi has a double-coat of fur, so I keep an on her during really hot days.



Canopy Rod assemby of K&H elevated pet cot bed.

There are black metal rods that come in the box with the Canopy. Insert three rods together, do this twice. You’ll end up with two long rods. Thread the two long rods through sleeves on the underside of the Canopy. Then insert each rod end, into the holes in each corner of the pet cot frame.

At each corner of the Canopy are secured Loops that you slip under each corner leg of the cot bed.



Assembled K&H elevated pet cot bed with canopy.

Ta Da !!!

Was surprised how quick and easy this was – took less than 5 minutes from opening the box to completion.

The canopy itself is made from a material similar to umbrella fabric. The pet cot bed seems to be a type of tent material, and the center black section is a woven material that seems strong but also soft and comfortable.



Sturdy pvc corners on K&H elevated pet cot bed.

I really like the pvc corners. Everything feels very sturdy, and I like the rubber plugs on the bottom of each corner leg.

Won’t scratch floors, won’t slide and will also provide stability when the bed is outdoors. I actually need to buy one of these for inside the house too.

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Sassy our maine coon checks out K&H elevated pet cot bed.

We have an outdoor/indoor cat named Sassy. He’s a Maine Coon, with a mind of his own. I placed the elevated pet cot bed outside, and of course, he has to check things out. Sassy is rather a large cat – when he’s fully stretched out, I’ve measured him to be about 36 inches from head to end of tail.



Sassy our Main Coon gray cat.

Here’s a better look at Sassy.

You can check out all the details about this pet cot bed, and read the reviews – they’re all glowing, over 2,000 of them.

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K&H elevated pet cot bed for dogs and cats

Think I’ll need to buy the size Large for Sassy (our cat). He went and actually snoozed for a while in this cot bed … seems to like the Canopy over the top of him a lot.


well used Coolaroo pet cot bed
Here’s a photo I snapped of the Coolaroo elevated pet bed I bought a little over 10 years ago.

Definitely has been a trooper, and has lasted a long time – especially with it being left outside year round.


Rusted bolts on Coolaroo elevated pet bed.

The Coolaroo elevated pet bed has Bolts in each corner that connects the legs to the frame. This Coolaroo, after 10 years – the frame became wobbly because the rusted bolts weren’t keeping a tight connection to the frame.



The K&H elevated pet cot bed hasK&H elevated pet cot bed for dogs and cats indoor or outdoor use. pvc corners that connect as legs to the frame, so nothing to rust.

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Coolaroo Pet Cot


If you decide to buy either the Coolaroo or the K&H elevated bed cot bed, I know you’ll be happy with either purchase. They both have great construction and will endure outdoor elements, as well as keep your pet comfortable.