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Dog Frisbees for Fun in the Outdoors

Dog Frisbees make for great fun in the outdoors, whether it be at the ocean, in a local park or in your own backyard.


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Dogs of all ages love to run and catch, and when you start using a Frisbee when your dog is young, they’ll learn to bring the Frisbee back to you for another throw. Frisbees provide your Dog with exercise, a learning experience, and a great time for all.

The traditional Frisbee is made of hard plastic that I’ve found can irritate a Dog’s gums, and most of them are too large for a puppy or growing Dog to easily grasp in their mouth. Years ago I found a Frisbee specifically made for using with Dogs, and every couple of years I buy a new one when the old one gets a bit too raggedy to use anymore.


Here are a few Dog Frisbees you might consider that are gentle on a Dog’s gums, and are an ideal size for a Dog to retrieve. Some Frisbees even float in water so they’re great to use near a pool or lake.



Hyper Pet Floppy Flipper Dog Frisbee is lightweight and waterproof.

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper


Hyper Pet is an all season interactive Dog Frisbee.

Is Lightweight, Floats in Water, durable and safe on teeth.

Choose from a selection of Bright Colors.


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Kong dog frisbee for fun and exercise.Kong Flyer Dog Frisbee

The Kong Flyer is made of soft , durable rubber.

Made is the USA, comes in three sizes.

Helps to clean teeth and soothe gums.


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Review All Dog Frisbees on amazon to see which one will work best for your Dog.

Have Fun !!!