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Sticky Dome Flea Trap : This Works!

Aspectek Sticky Dome Flea Trap is Non-Chemical, Economical and Safe for Inside and Outside


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I want to share a Flea trap product with you that my neighbor used recently inside her home to get rid of Fleas. It’s a non-toxic, odorless plug-in that attracts Fleas to it using an everyday light bulb, and traps the Fleas to it’s sticky surface. When the sticky disc is full (of Fleas), just remove the disc, and replace with a new one.


Sticky Dome Flea Trap kills Fleas using Heat


This Sticky Dome Flea Trap doesn’t take the place of thorough vacuuming your house, or treating your yard with Diatomaceous Earth, but it is successful in luring out any Fleas you might have missed during your initial sweep. It also will catch Fleas that may hatch after you’ve treated your home … Flea Larvae can hatch up to 30 days “after” you think you’ve gotten rid of all of them.



Key information about the Sticky Dome Flea Trap:

  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Attracts Fleas using light, heat and a powerful sticky disc.
  • Non-toxic and odorless.
  • Safe to use around children and pets.
  • Rids home or office of these pests: Cockroach, Bed Bug, Fly, Flea, Gnat.



This Sticky Dome Flea Trap has gotten rave reviews on amazon, so if you’re experiencing issues with Fleas in your home, garage or dog house – read the reviews and Q&A at amazon.

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